Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jennifer Gets Lost

I've tumbled onto tumblr, just because. Visit me at Jennifer Gets Lost. See ya! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It Ain't Romantic

So it goes like this. We were going to do a series of stories on pregnancy. While brainstorming on the type of photographs to go with the stories, B suggested an expectant mother sitting on a rocking chair, by the window, in shades of pink. The maldita in me immediately blurted out, "But B, motherhood is not romantic!" When I saw the dumbfounded expression on her face, I knew I should have waited a little longer before bursting her expectant bubble. At the time, B so wanted to have a baby, six of them in fact. I shouldn't have told her the truth too soon.

I remember this episode now because my friend F is expecting her first child, and not having a very good time at it. She's waiting to feel all rhapsodic about this momentous event but how could she when she's nauseous half the time? Well, F, here's a taste of more things to come:

1. Your body will have a life of its own. Yes, for those precious nine months, your body will do things seemingly out of its own volition. You will barf at the sight of a once-favored snack. You will pass gas even if there's somebody looking. You will pee at each and every opportunity. And you will be as horny as hell in the homestretch.

2. You will be seen as a walking, talking teddy bear. And by this, I mean your friends would want to hug you, kiss you, touch your tummy. Their intentions are good; they're just sending you their love. But really, the concept of personal space just falls away when we're faced with a pregnant woman, I don't know why (Yes, I actually turned into one of them people because I wanted to hug you the minute I found out!).

3. You will hear all sorts of advice and folk tales. Don't believe the one about an expectant woman getting prettier when it's a girl, and getting ugly when it's a boy. It's just not true.

4. There will always be a couple of surprises along the way even if you take your vitamins diligently, sleep well, and eat properly.

5. Labor is hell!

And so you ask, after everything, after the 25 pounds you might eventually gain or the 24 hours you might eventually spend in labor, will it be worth it? Yes! Yes, absolutely! And that's not romance, that's love :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Let There Be Light!

Because I'm a single mom, I have had to learn all sorts of Mr. Fix-It jobs. I can paint a wall and re-tile the floor. I can fix telephone lines, change faucets, chase after rats, and demolish ant hills. I can, in theory, do most of everything around the house and for that, I have my mom to thank. She raised me and my sisters to be doers. My sisters and I never thought ourselves damsels in distress, we were cowboys. If we wanted something done, we did it ourselves.

But of course, I cannot do everything ... when it comes to anything electric, I am just scared shitless. Perhaps it's all those cartoons I watched on Saturday afternoons when I was little. The thought of Sylvester the Cat being electrocuted while chasing Tweety Bird always comes to mind whenever I get near an electrical outlet.

And so for many, many months last year, I had no light in my bedroom. Yes, folks, 2010 came marching in with my bedroom still in the Dark Ages. It has something to do with a busted something which I had to buy and which I would have had to eventually install, which I did not do. And so, I relied on a desk lamp to keep me and my book of the month company at nights. When that desk lamp got busted, again for reasons that escape me, I didn't do anything. I felt comfortable enough in the dark to not want to see the light.

But then, there's nothing like ringing in the new to give one a big, fat jolt of reality. I was getting too comfortable in my space, in my own little world; I needed to go to the light, to expand my horizons, seek new worlds.

And that's how I found myself at the hardware store, getting light bulbs for the other desk lamp that wasn't busted. Bathed in a soft pool of light, my bedroom looks quite fabulous. I love it!

Friday, January 1, 2010


2010, originally uploaded by jenniferwrites.

It is going to be an amazing year!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Woman in Chains

We had nothing planned for yesterday. The kids were just going to play all day while I catch up on some reading. Over lunch, I casually asked my daughter E about her harness necklaces. I started making earrings when she brought me along this crafts supplies store where she bought yards and yards of chains. When E said that she hasn't had time to make them, I asked if I can give it a shot. I love making things with my hands and I thought those necklaces looked cool! And that's how I found myself all rolled up in chains. I ended up making three harness necklaces and two bib chains. Before we knew it, it was three in the morning and my daughter actually had to tell me to stop. I can be quite obsessive, you see. I love the holidays!!

Biker chic?

Rein me in!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catsup Season

I call it the catsup season, that time of year when you try to catch up on your different subsets of friends. You plan weeks before, texting your friends or group of friends, hoping all your schedules will match amidst the busy season.

My catsup season started weeks ago. K and I had a long, quiet talk over gising-gising, swapping career stories and exchanging gifts. Over coffee, Jc and I dreamed up projects and laughed like teenagers. R and I relished our mushroom soups while talking about aching backs and mommy challenges. As for P and G, we ended up singing the night away, belting out Don't Cry For Me Argentina.

I love playing catsup. I not only get to see all my fabulous friends once again, I also get to hear their fabulous stories, like A for instance. I just met with her a couple of hours ago, and I am just so excited about her life right now. She has moved abroad, spending time with her family and going back to school so that she can do something she really loves. I am absolutely inspired.

I still have a couple more catsups to go. On Wednesday, I am meeting my high school friends. And I'm sure that I'm going to have a blast!

I should do catsups more often!

Christmas Carols 4

Am still very much on holiday mode; these are the songs I grew up with. My dad had a tape of Christmas songs sung by Ray Conniff and his gang and they'd play it over and over.